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We have an investment property available for a smart investor

We have an investment property available
for a smart investor.

This property consists of 4 units of 3 bedrooms flat
and 7 units of shops and sells for N45 Million Naira.

Located at Ketu – Alapere, Lagos

The structure is solid and on a dry land.

We are looking for an investor to buy and renovate this property.
Below are the estimates of rental income after renovation.

3 Bedrooms – N800,000 x 4 flats per annum =N3.2 Million Naira
7 Shops = N350, 000 x 7 shops per annum = N2, 450, 000 Naira

This comes up to a total of N5.6 Million Naira per year.

For more info on this deal kindly call;

info@aproglobalng. com

Tel: 01-7620139
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